Tweeted News Network mobile – A Different Social News Distribution Model

Q: What is the name of your business and URL of your APP?
twenn – Tweeted News Network mobile by BlackWhiteSourcing.

Q: A brief synopsis of the smart phone app?
twenn mobile is an innovative news distribution app. Using social media, instead of RSS technology, twenn mobile gives users convenient access to the latest news headlines around the world, which have been published via twitter media platform from various, valid and different sized sources (bloggers, as well as news agencies, journalists, newspapers, magazines etc.).
twenn consists of two major categories and covers:
1.     International topics – English Speaking News (by Subject)
2.     Regional News – Local Regional sources (by Country/Region)
Users can choose to get informed for a variety of topics and countries, navigate and read full articles directly on their source, build their own list with favorite countries/categories  and of course save and share twenns (tweeted news headlines) with one click.

Q: A short bio of your company:
BlackWhiteSourcing was founded in 2011 by Vasilis Devolis and is a web marketing solutions company located in Poland. With a wealth of experience (since 2000), BWS focuses on Web, Design/Marketing and Content Localization services, mobile products as well as consulting and online strategic planning services. BWS’s business process is based on a well structured – high performance outsourcing model.

Q: Android, iphone, blackberry, or windows?
twenn – mobile app is currently available only for iOS. However there is a plan to develop an Android version within the next months.

Q: Who is your competition, and what do you do better?
Our competitors are primarily, the majority of RSS feeds news aggregators and products such as Google News, Twitter Stories and so on. However because of our distribution model and some special product characteristics, we could say that we are unique on what we do in the way we do it.

Why twenn is better?

– Uses twitter to bring the latest news headlines to the readers.
– Voices all registered newspapers as well as magazines, blogs and news agencies, of any size, which they use their official twitter account(s) to distribute their headlines.
– Voices directly sources which are producing news content, such as PR departments of major companies, ministries, etc.
– Gathers only news tweets and distributes them per topic (English Speaking sources) and per country (Local languages).
– Does not censor its sources.
– It is extremely light and fast app (good for 3G connections)
– twenn wants everybody get voiced through the app no matter

  • the size of the source
  • the political perspective

– We try to gather every (if not all) newspapers, news agencies, magazines and blogs of a country which they own an official twitter account.
– User can:

Save twenns – Not articles (faster handling, less space) – for accessing later.

Share twenns in tenths of types of Social Media via our integrated Addthis api for iOS.

Go to the full article on source’s web page.
Q: Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Successful business stories are always backed up by well informed business partners. Having the proper information on time is a core part of doing business whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, director, freelancer or an employee.

One kind of information, that every business involved person needs, is daily news. The importance of knowing  what is going on around the world on time, in your region, in your country  and in your industry is crucial for business strategical decisions. Political and economic conditions, new products, disasters (natural or other), industry specific trends and announcements, are only few kinds of information which influence the ordinary business day of every businessman.

twenn mobile app for iOS (and twen.net – web version) covers this need in an innovative and comfortable way. twenn uses a sophisticated process to distribute the latest top 30 news headlines (per topic/country) on user’s iOS mobile device, from the official accounts of the majority of valid and different sized newspapers, magazines, e-magazines, news agencies etc.

Our sources is our power. In our social news app, you will be able to find news from various sources. Highly recognized sources (leaders in news industry) are voiced to provide their opinions and stories. Nevertheless, smaller size newspapers are voiced as well in order to support readership pluralism and help the reader get a multidimensional perspective and shape a spherical knowledge.

By using twenn mobile users can access the latest news around the world, from their country and areas of interest at a glance at no cost and without registration. Anonymity is a core value of our service since twenn does not require any kind of registration in order users start using the app.

However, information sharing among business partners is a crucial need for every modern business. This is the reason why twenn mobile for iOS has paid high attention on its Sharing and Social services. twenn uses Addthis for iOS platform in order to serve, instant Tweeted News Headlines (twenns) and/or Articles sharing, any time at about 300 social networks. In that way a business owner can share articles’ headlines (including full articles’ links) on e-mail, facebook, twitter and more with his employees, a business analyst with his director, project manager, product manager and sales department and so on .

Q: Is this a free app or how much is it?
twenn – Tweeted News Network mobile is absolutely FREE and requires No Registration.

Q: Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?
Users can learn our latest news about twenn.net and twenn mobile, through our official social network profiles (twitter, google+, facebook) as well as product’s official page.

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